Friday, 26 August 2011

Electric Picnic - The Honeycomb Project

Laura Byrne, Karen Hendy, Helena Malone, Vera McEvoy and myself are collaborating on a light installation for the Electric Picnic 2011 which takes place on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September. This is known as 'The Honeycomb Project'. The installation is the result of about 5 months planning and experimenting and began to take shape in July. On the 22nd of August construction began at the Arthouse in Stradbally, Co. Laois with the help of the local youth club and some members of the adult workshop that we held in the opening months of the residency. The sculpture will be on display in the Main Arena of Electric Picnic.

Originally we were planning to build it as a wall, this was before we had seen the area that our sculpture was going to reside in. After this it was decided that we were going to construct it as a cube which also helped us tackle any health and safety concerns we had. The biggest worry with making the piece as a wall form was wind, but with the cube this wasn't an issue.

 The finished sculpture, all ready for the Electric Picnic 2011.

The volunteers and ourselves constructing the sculpture on site. Without the volunteers this project wouldn't have happened

Nearly ready, just need to add all of the bottles,LEDs and batteries

 Getting the boards ready and weather proof.

 This is our tree. Originally the sculpture was going to be a wall but later ended up as a cube surrounding this tree and incorporating as part of the installation

 2000 of these LEDS will be attached to 2000 batteries and then these will be put into 2000 bottles

 This was the first day of preparation. The local Youth Centre and other local people helped us out a lot. they deserve a huge thanks. Without them this project wouldn't have happened.

 The map with the locations of all of the art works, we're number 11

The Starting Point

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