Monday, 22 February 2016

'Get a Real Job' Symposium

On Saturday the 20th of February the Dunamaise Theatre was the venue for a symposium titled Get a Real Job. It was organized by Abbeyleix Further Education Centre and The Dunamaise Arts Centre and involved 9 of us, all past students of the Abbeyleix Centre, speaking about our careers in art since leaving.

It was a really good day because we all got to see what each of us are up to now, also because we got to catch up and also meet artists and designers that I didn't know before. I haven't seen some members of the group in years. We were split into 3 groups, the first group was lead by Jackie Carter and the 3 speakers in that group were Janet O Grady, Laura Amy Dunne and Mary Carroll followed by a Questions and Answers round. 

Our group consisting of all studio artists and oddly all of us named Pat was lead by Jock Nichol. Pat Wallis spoke first, then myself and then Pat Fitzpatrick whose work is going to be installed at The Dunamaise Arts Centre next week after my show closes. Pat Fitzpatrick's show runs from the 4th of March until the 30th of April, the exhibition reception is on the 10th of March and after hearing a little about it at the symposium I think it's going to be an amazing show. We had a Q&A too.

The final group then was lead by Edel O Keefe and the 3 speakers were Heidi Higgins, John Hennessy and Pascal Kenna. After another Q&A round there were a few words said by Jackie, Jock, Edel and Michelle de Forge. 

The links below have some information on the day:

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