Thursday, 17 April 2014


Next month we'll be having a group exhibition at Pallas Project Space in Dublin. There'll be 13 of us, 5 Painters, 6 Sculptors, and 2 Printmakers. At the minute dates are a bit up in the air, as are titles and almost everything else. The only thing that's certain is that in 4 weeks time the work will be up.

Then in 2016 I have a joint show opening in Custom House Studios in Westport, Mayo. The opening night is September 8th.

I was contacted 2 weeks ago by Galway University Hospital and they're currently putting a schedule together so they'll get back to me.

Aside from that I've been working away on the MFA, the first year is just done. The show in Pallas will mark the end of the college year.

And finally...

I'm in the middle of setting up a website so over the summer I'm going to get everything sorted out with that domain name and all that craic.

For now here's a link to the website as it is in it's free account state - Website Under Construction

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