Thursday, 1 August 2013

Solo Exhibition Update

I'm closing in on the target number of paintings, I made a bit of a mess of one last night and despite trying to fight with it admitted defeat but I have it restarted today and I'm feeling happier about it.

The exhibition itself - It's still down for the 5th of September, it's titled Excursion, I'm looking at between 10 and 12 paintings for the show, I'm giving a talk on the 20th of September and the show runs until the 4th of October.

I was originally meant to be giving the talk on the 7th of September, but we decided to have it instead on the 20th which is Culture Night, so I'm happy with that. Culture Night is a really busy date in Ireland for the Arts and because of that the Arthouse are expecting a good crowd around the gallery because there are several events taking place that night.

Here's the link to the Arthouse - Solo Exhibition at The Arthouse

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