Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shortlisted for London Residency

Back in June, during the first month of the residency with Nes in Iceland, I applied for a residency with The Muse at 269 Art Gallery in West London. When I landed back in Ireland on the 30th of August I received an email telling me that I was through the first round and moving on to the next stage of application. For this stage I needed to send images of my work and after a week I was in the final stage and shortlisted for the residency.

On Tuesday the 25th of September I went to London for my interview. I got on pretty well but I didn't get selected for a position on the residency program. While I didn't get picked the gallery has offered to put my work forward as submission for a potential show in 2013 and during the interview I received very positive feedback towards my paintings.

Between getting shortlisted for the residency itself and the feedback I got during the interview the overall experience was a great boost of confidence and also I think the way it worked out may have been for the best at this point. The residency was due to start in January 2013 for 8 months and I feel it may have been a bit too quick having just returned from Iceland and I'm hoping to get working on some projects here in Ireland.

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