Thursday, 26 July 2012

July in Iceland

July was a bit quiet. Spent a lot of time in the studio, I did get to see another town though, Saudarkrokar, it's about an hour East of Skagastrond, at the base of and on the other side of the peninsula. I have 5 paintings on the go along with a couple of small collage style pieces. We had the pot luck about 2 weeks ago now I think and today we had another open house. This months Open House took us to a few location around town because the work was installation/performance based in spaces outside the studio. There was a great turnout for it and thankfully I got very positive feedback on what work I've done so far. I'm hoping to get another 1 or 2 paintings fairly under way between now and the time my stay ends.

On Tuesday the July artists gradually started leaving Skagastrond. Next week the August artists start arriving and I start my final month of the residency.

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