Monday, 4 June 2012

Fisherman's Festival

Saturday was Fisherman's Festival in Skagastrond. I think it started around 10:30 am with fishermen marching from the docks up the main street and to the church. The town was really busy and there was loads of activity in different areas. Dom, Jacob, Zack and myself went out on one of the local fishing boats as part of a free 30 minute tour. It was really nice but really windy when we got out on the water. Then there was a coffee and cake party later that evening and a water obstacle course which was started by the firing of a cannon. Later we went out to see a local band playing.

I left my camera behind that morning, so I have no images of the festival, I don't think I could have taken out on the boat anyway. I can't swim so needless to say I was holding on quiet tightly to the rails.

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