Saturday, 10 March 2012

Some of the New Work

This is some more of the new work that I've completed. Around October or November I decided to split the the body of paintings into 2 separate bodies. I've been carrying on with one and once I feel I have enough to fill an exhibition I will leave that one for a while and work on building the second collection.

These 2 are still part of the current body of work. I have another 4 in progress and I'm getting ready to complete several more, these works are the pieces that will be going into the exhibition in MadArt Gallery, Dublin.

I introduced colour to the way I was working back around September and decided to continue with it but a month or two down the line I decided these will go on as their own set and separated them from the paintings above. I'll be back to bring this collection along as well at some point.

These 2 are part of a collection of about 11 small pieces on Gesso Board. They were just samples and tests but some of them worked out really well. Because they were tests I wasn't sure how they would hold up over time and unfortunately some of them became brittle and really can't be moved a lot without bits and pieces crumbling. I used the traditional Gesso recipe of hide glue and chalk as a ground and it will be this that I'm using on a new body of small works that I'm starting soon.

Running alongside the paintings I've been making a series of charcoal drawings. I haven't documented these yet, but when I do I'll post them too. 

You can see all of the work together and my work from 2010/Final Year of College on my website -

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