Thursday, 30 August 2018

My Blog has Moved

I've moved my blog over onto my website. It just didn't really make much sense having them separate anymore so this link -  - will take you on over there.

I'll be leaving this blog up but I won't be posting here anymore

Monday, 2 July 2018

Work Showing in Dublin

I have 2 small paintings in a group exhibition opening this week in Dublin. I'm delighted to be part of Island Life which opens at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery on Thursday the 5th of July at 6pm. The exhibition is comprised of 12 painters, here are the exhibiting artists:

Sonia Shiel, Kathy Tynan, Marcel Vidal, Mark Swords, Salvatore of Lucan, Joe Scullion, Robert Armstrong, Julia Dubsky, Lesley-Ann O'Connell, Pat Byrne, Stephen Loughman, Cecilia Danell, William O’Neill and Stephanie Deady

Exhibition Invite

I'm delighted to be included in the line-up, the 2 paintings that I have in the exhibition are the last ones from the show back in February, I would have liked to have had newer pieces but what I have finished  was already submitted to something else which I'll be posting about a little later in the Summer.

The Love of the Darkness Hidden. One of the 2 paintings I have in Island Life

Monday, 2 April 2018

Featured on The Spark

I was delighted this week to have my work on The Spark. The Spark promotes Irish arts and culture and has a a lot on the site covering visual art such as painting, illustration, film and photography and they promote dance, music and poetry. They contacted me during the first week of the Pallas show and asked if I'd like to have some of my work on the site, there's a little about me and the work and 4 images of my work.

Here's a link to my page -

From Times of Old, Oil on Canvas, 2017, one of my paintings featured on The Spark

Monday, 5 March 2018

Work Showing in Dublin

I'm delighted to have 2 paintings in the Hermione Exhibition at Alexandra College in Dublin. The exhibition is curated by Aisling Prior, opens tomorrow night, March 6th at 6:30pm and runs until March 15th. The opening is followed by The Hermione Lecture which will be given by Una Sealy RHA at 8pm.

One of the 2 paintings I have on show - He Sat Listening to the Songs, Oil on Canvas, 22cm x 18

The exhibition is open from 11am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 1pm to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. There's 63 of us exhibiting in the show, I wasn't able to upload the invite but here's a link to the website for some information on the exhibition - The Hermione Exhibition and Lecture

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

New Solo Show in Dublin

I have a new solo exhibition opening next Wednesday February 7th at Pallas Projects in Dublin. The title of the show is Between the Hawthorns and its in the same style as the previous body of work but with several new characters introduced. Some of these are completely new, others were referenced in the last body of work through the use of hoodies and hats. The reason for the title is because of the old Irish belief that the hawthorn tree is a meeting place for fairies and to disturb one would bring about bad fortune

To Do No Harm but to Show Favour. My interpretation of the Fear Dearg or Red Man, referenced in the last series as a hat has finally been given a body.

The backgrounds to the paintings are still dark and gloomy but instead of the completely black backgrounds of the Dock Leaf paintings I have started using more detailed backdrops and during the photography process stopped setting up the shots in such a way that they deliberately filled the background with shadow.

The official opening is at 6pm to 8 and it's up then until the 17th. I'm hoping to show between 11 and 13 paintings, the work is still small scale, I think the largest is 36cm x 31cm, but I don't want to have it overcrowded either because I like a fair amount space around each painting.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Interview with de/konstruk/cionez

I was delighted this week to have been featured on the de/konstruk/cionez website. You can read the interview here - Link

de/konstruk/cionez cover music, sound art, written and spoken word as well a visual art and are based in Dublin. There's a lot of work spanning different media on their site

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Work Showing in Dublin

I have 3 small paintings going on show at the end of the month in Dublin. I'm delighted to be involved in a new arts festival titled Soul Noir Festival of the Dark Arts. The festival is being setup by friend and artist Sinead Keogh and the theme is Gothic, macabre and "the other". The opening is on Halloween night and it runs until the 2nd of November. You can see from the website the work of the associated artists and there was an open call out too which received a huge response.

The space is an old building on North Great Georges Street that was built in the 1760's and is perfect for the theme. Sinead has set up a Fund It campaign to help with the costs of the festival, if you want to support her you can do that here. The campaign runs for just under 2 more days, it ends at 4:30 on Monday, October 10th.

Soul Noir Festival Twitter

Soul Noir Festival Facebook

Soul Noir Festival Instagram

One of the 3 paintings - A Self Appointed Guardian, Oil on Canvas, 2017